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Custom Hardwood Gates

Have an idea for a custom gate, fence or door? Let's talk! Any wood, any size, Whitewash Carpentry is your best choice for hand built customs Whitewash Carpentry's custom built hardwood gates are carefully handcrafted with the finest exotic woods. Looking for a beautiful, long-lasting gate that is resistant to mildew, insect damage, and fire, even without any treatment? Look no further! Whitewash Carpentry is the only known source of custom made Ipe gates and doors! While most carpenters refuse to build with Ipe since it's renowned for being hard to work with, Master Builder, Jeremy White prefers Ipe due to its exceptional qualities. It’s properties give it a high cutting resistance, making it hard to use with many tools and some machines. However, Ipe wood has been nicknamed “ironwood” due to it’s superior hardness and density. Under proper care, Ipe gates should last at least 40 years. Contact Whitewash Carpentry for a free estimate on custom made gates of your dreams!

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